Overview of Need for Speed 1994

The Need for Speed 1994 is the first official racing game of the NFS Series released on August 31, 1994. It was developed by EA Canada and published by Electronic Arts (EA).

In 1994, The NFS was only feasible to run on 3DO, then in 1995 it came out for MS-DOS, and at last in 1996, the new edition of the NFS (1994) was released named need for speed se for PlayStation (PS), PC, and Sega Saturn.

This is the best article for you to read from where you can learn a lot of facts about this game. Here, you will learn about the gameplay, gameplay modes, cars list, system requirements to play, the steps to download and install the game, and the need for speed 1994 cheats.


In 1994, you had racing games like Super Mario Kart and even Test Drive but nobody had ever seen anything like the Need for Speed 1994 before.

It had surely 3D bitmapped polygonal graphics with high-quality video, audio, and realistic cars and tracks. This was when the CD-ROM took off, and the NFS was made to show that off specifically for the 3DO console.

In the 1994 3DO edition, Need for Speed provides a total of 8 sports cars and missions the player to race either with the challenger or not in three achievable tracks. The later edition (PlayStation and Saturn) includes extra nine vehicles and some new tracks.

Police (cops) are an essential part of the NFS game series. If the player avoids following the rules, the participant is arrested by the police car. And if the player gets trapped, then the player acquires a ticket.

After receiving three tickets the player is arrested by the police. In Sega Saturn, the player is arrested after receiving two tickets.

In the special edition of Need for Speed, if the player completes the tournaments, then the “rally” mode opens. In “rally” mode, the cars are upgraded which makes the game experience more excited.

Gameplay Modes

The Need for Speed 1994 provides four different approaches to play the race.

  • Single Race Mode – In single race mode, the players select up to seven oppositions and laps. Players compete with the oppositions on either sprint or circuit track.
  • Head-to-Head Mode – Head-to-Head Racing Mode is very interested in which two racers participate in the race. It’s necessary to connect computers through the modem.
  • Tournament Mode – Tournament Mode is the only mode in which “Lost Vegas” is an additional track. This track can be unlocked if the racer wins all the other tracks. And to win all the tracks, the player has to gather many points as possible.
  • Time Trial Mode – In Time Trial Mode, a specific time is given to the player to complete the race.

The Need for Speed 1994 Car List

From here, you will know about the list of racing cars that are available in the game.

  • Dodge Viper RT/10
  • 1991 Ferrari 512 TR
  • Corvette
  • 1991 Acura NSX
  • 1993 Lamborghini Diablo
  • 1991 Mazda RX-7
  • 1994 Toyota Supra Turbo
  • Mazda RX-7
  • Porsche 911 and
  • Ford Mustang SSP for Police Car.

What is the Need for Speed 1994 Requirements to Play?

Here are the few requirements required to play the Need for Speed 1994 game on your Disk OS and Windows OS.

Requirements for Disk Operating System

Some of the slightest requirements that are necessary to enjoy NFS 1994 on MS-DOS are mentioned below.

  • System Type: Operating System (OS) must be 4.0 or later and 5.0.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium Processor 75MHz
  • Hard disk drive: 4MB
  • System Memory (RAM): 8MB
  • Supported Graphics: 256 color VESA-compatible SVGA-compatible, 512K of VRAM

Requirements for the Windows Operating System

Below are the least and suggested requirements that are required to play need for speed 1994.

Least Requirements

Your system must meet all the given requirements to run NFS 1994 Game on your system.

  • System Type (OS): Windows 95.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 75 MHz
  • Hard disk drive: 30 MB
  • System Memory: 12 MB RAM
  • Supported Graphics: 512 K of VRAM, DirectX 2.0 compatible

Suggested Requirements

If you want to get a good experience of Need for Speed (1994), you must have a device that meets all the given requirements.

  • System Type (OS): Windows 95, or 98
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 100 MHz
  • Hard disk drive: 50 MB
  • System Memory: 16 MB RAM
  • Supported Graphics: 1M of VRAM, DirectX 2.0 compatible

Need for Speed 1994 Cheats

From here, you will find all of the cheat codes that you need to play The Need for Speed 1994 game with more interest. Cheat Codes is an exciting part of the NFS Series that can open different tracks, private cars, and gameplay.

Cheats can be turned on in different schemes depending on each platform;

  • The cheats can be activated by entering the code on any main menu screen for the PC version.
  • And for the PlayStation version, the cheats can be activated by entering the code as a username.

Cheat Codes for PC Release

If you want to get cheat codes, you need to win the first two tournaments. You have to write all the cheat codes in uppercase. And after winning the tournaments, you will get a bonus track named Las Vegas.

This is the list of need for speed (1994) pc cheats with their effects.

EffectsCheat Codes
Allows Rally modeEAC RALY
Change cars with vans, 4x4s, trucksEAC 4X4R
Bonus Car (Warrior Car)EAC POWR
Slower the game timeEAC SLOW
Speed up the GameplayEAC WARP
The game clock becomes fasterEAC TIME
Fixed strikes with quick restartEAC QAQA
Car can’t recover from flipEAC SCAR
Alternate advertising on signs and wallsEAC GIMX

Cheat Codes for PlayStation Release

This is the list of cheat codes for the PS version with their effects.

EffectsCheat Codes
Stunning carSelect any car of your own choice from the car selection screen and press start and hold Left + Circle + Square till the race begins.
Enable Graphics that are blurredAfter the selection of an opponent, hold Up + L1 + L2 buttons
Machine GunAfter selecting the challenger’s car, hold Circle + Square + L1 + Up/Left buttons at once. And do not free the buttons till the loading is complete. Then use the horn to fire from the invisible machine gun and crush the opponent’s car. You can fire at any car even on the police car. Note: This code is only activated in one or two-player mode.
Resume you race swiftly after any crashFrequently hold R1 + L1 buttons

Enter the code at your password screen for one-player tournament mode. 

Rally and Lost Vegas tracks (To enter in Lost Rally track, highlight Lost Vegas track and press R1 + L1 in two-player mode)TSYBNS
To activate Arcade mode (Highlight the number of laps option and hold L1 + L2), and No Mercy mode (while choosing head to head on single-player hold L1 + L2)XRMQHX
To change the Rusty Springs track to Lunar Springs, enter the “TSYBNS” password in one player tournament mode. Then press square from the controller to exit tournament mode and select one or two-player mode. And at last, highlight the Rusty Springs Track and hold Triangle + R1 + L1.SPKSHC
All Track and Warrior CarMQKZCL
Track 01WRDRTY
Track 02ZDPBWN
Track 03MTQRZP
Track 04JVPZLL
Track 05ZYMNLH
Track 06WMRPGZ
Track 07YXGSJJ
Track 08KJPQND
Track 09SDQWCG
Track 10SLZXDH
Track 11SPZDFX
Track 12ZVGRGX
Track 14XJHVCK

Cheat Codes for 3DO Release

3 New Views

There is a total of three new views. If you want to change the racing view, then you must have a second controller. Use “in-car” viewpoint and press Shift + L + A + Up buttons frequently. This will change the view.

Flip the Opponents in the Air

If you want to blow up the cars, then you need to follow some steps.

  • Select any car and track of your own choice and start a race with the computer.
  • Press and hold the R + L + Left buttons when the loading begins.
  • At the time of loading, quit the race and start it again. Now, press and hold the R + L + UP buttons on the loading screen.
  • At the time of loading, quit the race again and start it. Now, press and hold the R + L + Right buttons at the loading screen.
  • At the starting line, quit the race for the fourth and last time and start it again. Now, press and hold R + L + Down buttons. And this time, start your race. Whenever any opponent car is in front of you, press X and the car will blow up in the air.

Zoom in on the Map

To view the action closer, then press the C button to zoom in.

View the employees of the Need for Speed 1994

If you want to see the staff of the Need for Speed, then you have to wait for one to two minutes after the race begins. And Press L + R + Shift buttons to toggle between the staff picture and the regular picture.

Hear the Horn

If you want to hear the horns of different cars at the time of selection, press X.

Rocket Scooter

If you want to play the game against the scooter, you must race for at least 10 seconds. Rewind to the starting point of the reply buffer. And now, from the second controller, you have to press the R + Down + B buttons together. Quit the game and start the race against a scooter.

Practice Mode

In Practice Mode, your record can’t be saved. To activate practice mode, follow the following steps:

  • Go to the options menu and highlight the Skill level.
  • Rapidly press and hold X + R + L + A buttons. And then hold down each button.
  • If the code activates, then the Skill Level indicator will turn from yellow to pink color.

Cheat Codes for Sega Saturn Release

Lost Vegas Track

At the screen of tournament mode, enter “TSYBNS” as your password. And Lost Vegas track appears at the selection display.

No Mercy Mode

First, choose a two-player game mode, press the L + R buttons with the Head to Head selection at the menu.

Warrior PTO E/2

At the tournament password display, enter “TSYBNS” as your password and quit the mode. And when you select a car, press the L + R buttons.

Rally Mode

If you want to play rally mode, enter “TSYBNS” as a password at the tournament password display. And when choosing any track except Rusty Springs, press the L + R buttons.

Desert Springs Track

At the tournament password display, enter the “TSYBNS” password. When highlighting the Rust Springs Track, then press the L + R buttons.

Another Tournament Passwords for Sega Saturn

City SimulationEnter “NKVDPC” as your password.
Ocean SimulationEnter “WMWDPL” as your password.
Mountain TrackEnter “LCYJVY” as your password.
Lost Vegas TrackEnter “OKCSRM” password.
North TrackEnter “MTORZP” as your password.
Desert TrackEnter “PBYJPC” as your password.
Alpine simulation and unlock Lost Vegas TrackEnter “VZDNWM” as your password.

How to Download and Install the Need for Speed 1994 for PC?

You have to follow the steps to download and install the Need for Speed 1994 game on your pc. The Steps are stated below:

Step 01 Before downloading the NFS 1994 game setup, you have to install the DOSBox emulator in your system. Visit the following site by clicking here to download.

After visiting the website, you need to press the green Download Now button. When you press the button, it will automatically start downloading the setup after a few seconds.

Download DOSBox emulator Image
Download DOSBox emulator
DOSBox emulator Setup Image
DOSBox emulator Setup

Step 02 Now Install the DOSBox emulator.

Step 03 After installing the DOSBOX emulator, download the setup of Need for Speed 1994.

To download the setup, click here and press the GET IT button.

Download Need for Speed 1994 Setup Image
Download Need for Speed 1994 Setup Image

Now, you have successfully downloaded the Setup of the Need for Speed (1994) game.

Need for Speed 1994 Download Setup Image
Need for Speed 1994 Download Setup

Step 04 Install the downloaded Setup of NFS 1994 by following the below-mentioned steps:

Open the Setup and click the Next button.

DOSBox License Image
DOSBox License

Now, select the components to install and then click the Next button.

DOSBox Components Image
DOSBox Components

In this step, browse the location where you want to install and then click the install button.

DOSBox  Destination Folder Image
DOSBox Destination Folder

Finally, you have completed the installation process and now click the close button to exit the window.

DOSBox Installed Successfully Image
DOSBox Installed

Step 05 Extract the downloaded file and open NFSSB.BAT with DOSBox.

Now it’s time to play the game.

The Need for Speed 1994 Game Image
The Need for Speed 1994 Game

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The Need for Speed (1994) had excellent gameplay and superb graphics at the time of release.

This game obtained a few rewards, including “Best Racing Game in 1995”. It also got magnificent reviews from the game players of that time.

If you want to know more about the related gaming reviews, visit our gaming website by clicking here.


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