Are you Interested in sharing your gaming knowledge at the extreme level? YouTube channel is the best online resource. If you haven’t created a YouTube channel, this is a good time; get started now. It’s not hard to get started; you can do it by yourself at any time. But before you start, learn how to start a gaming channel in 2022.

To help you succeed in your gaming channel career, here are the top 10 tips. You’ll learn about the best editing software, selecting the right niche, and more. Working in this niche isn’t expensive or complicated; you need perseverance.

Tips on How to Start a Gaming Channel in 2022

Tips on How to Start a Gaming Channel
Tips on How to Start a Gaming Channel

The gaming niche on YouTube is very competitive. Popular creators are already working and dominating billions of views. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t start your journey.

Still, there are a lot of small competitors running their YouTube channels, and you can easily compete with them. Upload the best content and follow the below-mentioned tips to compete with your competitors and grab more and more market views.

Tip # 01 – Do a Brainstorming session for Your YouTube Channel

Tip # 02 – Start Researching on Various YouTube Channels

Tip # 03 – Check Out Which Game is Best to Cover

Tip # 04 – Focus on One Game instead of More than One

Tip # 05 – Make Sure You Have the Right Streaming Gear

Tip # 06 – Choose a Channel Name that contains the Main Keyword

Tip # 07 – Build the Best Possible Content Structure

Tip # 08 – Maintain Consistent Video Uploading

Tip # 09 – Increase Audience by Creating Short and Entertaining Videos

Tip # 10 – Create Attractive Thumbnails and Titles

Tip # 01 – Do a Brainstorming Session for Your YouTube Channel

Before starting the journey on YouTube Channel, it’s best to brainstorm the whole process. Do proper research on what kind of games are popular among the people? Which format is best for content creation? What strategies to follow for channel growth? And more.

Make notes and list out essential points to create genuinely entertaining content. Once you’ve finalized the brainstorming session, do proper keyword research so you can get more views.

Brainstorming is the most challenging part because it takes your time. But once you do that, it will be beneficial for future activities.

Tip # 02 – Start Researching on Various YouTube Channels

If you want to be prominent in the market and compete in different channels, look at different relevant channels and see what kind of content they’re publishing. Once you understand the strategies of others, find out what trending value you can share with the audience.

Tip # 03 – Check Out Which Game is Best to Cover

After thorough research on the relevant channels, check out which game is best for you to cover. Learn all about that game and create unique content.

Suppose there are games like League of Legends, Need for Speed, Final Fantasy, Call of Duty, etc., with millions of YouTube channels. So, here’s a contest for you on what unique you share.

Unique content is the only thing that sets you apart from other channels and helps you stand out in the market.

So, focus on doing something other YouTubers haven’t done.

Tip # 04 – Focus on One Game instead of More than One

One of the best tips for starting a gaming channel is to choose one game. Start your channel with one game and cover all the topics. If you want to grow your channel easily and fast, stick to one game instead of more.

YouTube always prefers a channel that focuses on a specific niche topic.

Tip # 05 – Make Sure You Have the Right Streaming Gear

What gaming equipment do you need? Different streaming gears are required to start the channel which is as under:

  • Screen Recording Software

Most of the audience wants to see what’s going on in the gameplay. Therefore, you need screen recording software to record gameplay from your device. Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) is the best screen recorder you can use for free.

  • Microphone

Along with the screen recorder, clear sound is also essential so that YouTube viewers can hear you. Invest in a microphone to provide the best quality videos. What if you buy a headphone with a built-in microphone? This sounds very appealing because wearing gaming headphones gives a clear sound and a professional gaming look.

  • Digital Camera

It’s unnecessary to buy a $4000 DSLR; invest in a camera that can record 1080p. Showing yourself in your YouTube videos is what the audience is interested in, showing how professional and passionate you are.

  • Green Screen

The green screen is another streaming equipment that is considered the best. It helps you to change the background easily.

  • Lights to Create Great Scenes

Many gamers are using different attractive lighting in their gaming area. Therefore, it’s recommended to lighten where you record your videos. If you don’t, it becomes difficult for viewers to focus on the gameplay, and they leave.

Tip # 06 – Choose a Channel Name that contains the Main Keyword

An excellent way to choose a channel name is to focus on the main keyword. It would help if you did proper research before finalizing the channel name.

Make sure your channel name is unique, relevant, short, easy to remember, and includes your primary keyword.

Tip # 07 – Build the Best Possible Content Structure

YouTube gaming videos are created in different formats according to the creator’s interest. You can create videos in the walkthrough, multiplayer, let’s play, reviews, tips & tricks, etc., formats.

Uniqueness and a well-planned structure of the videos are the keys to success. So, always find out which format is most appealing to the audience.

Tip # 08 – Maintain Consistent Video Uploading

Most importantly, you should upload videos consistently to your channel. Upload one or two videos each week to grow your channel organically. If you fail to upload videos consistently, your YouTube channel will never reach its full potential.

Tip: Make a list of titles about which you plan to make future videos. This way, you know what the next topic will be. And now, having done your brainstorming, you’re ready to create videos.

Tip # 09 – Increase Audience by Creating Short and Entertaining Videos

YouTube’s algorithm is all about retaining an audience. In order to retain more viewers, your videos need to deliver exactly what they need. To achieve this, create concise, entertaining, and engaging content.

If the audience leaves your channel without spending much time, your videos aren’t satisfying their needs. In turn, this will negatively affect your channel, and YouTube may not display you in the top spots.

Your primary goal is to share the best and most engaging content so that viewers cannot leave your videos.

Tip # 10 – Create Attractive Thumbnails and Titles

The thumbnail and title are the first things viewers see before clicking on the video. This is what motivates viewers to click and watch the videos. Therefore, it should be visually appealing and optimized 100%.

With attractive thumbnails and titles, viewers can immediately understand what you’re talking about. In addition, adding a less competitive and best keyword to your title help you rank higher.

Recommendation: If you have the budget, consider hiring a graphic designer to create simple, eye-catching thumbnails.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What are Some Steps that will Help me Become a Professional Gamer?

Ans: Having patience and talent are necessary for playing a game. It is impossible to be a professional gamer if you cannot play games as a full-time career.

If you’re a beginner and are interested to becoming a professional gamer, have a look at these steps.

Step # 01 – The first step is to stick to one game, one console, and one genre

Step # 02 – Practice as much as you can and become a master

Step # 03 – Build a network by joining gaming communities

Step # 04 – To get ahead on the gaming journey, invest in the right gear

Step # 05 – Participate in small gaming events and take your gaming talents to the next level

Step # 06 – Win different leagues as a team member

Step # 07 – Once you feel confident about your skills, participate in professional tournaments

Q.2 What can I do to Promote my Gaming Channel?

Ans: Uploading videos is one part of the journey. To be successful, you must also work on marketing your channel through marketing strategies. The next step is to promote your channel by following a few tips.

  1. Spend a small amount on various social media advertising campaigns.
  2. Do proper SEO by including the best and less competitive keywords in titles and hashtags.
  3. Send a message to the owners of different YouTube channels and ask them to introduce you as an expert on their channel. Also, request them to mention your channel name for subscribers.


Finally, your question “how to start a gaming channel?” is answered. These best tips cover all that help you to become a successful gaming YouTuber. Starting a gaming channel is like a business that will pay you back as much as you work with complete dedication. 

If you’re not getting the expected results, don’t worry, it will take some time. As you constantly upload videos and promote your channel, more audiences get to know your channel with time. And you will also grow in the journey of the YouTube gaming channel. 

Once again recommending, do what you love, work on creating great content, and see how your channel will grow.

If you’re interested in learning more about the gaming world, check out our website. All gaming reviews, tips and tricks, and buying guides will benefit you.


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