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How to Cool Down Laptop While Gaming – 2022 Tips

How to Cool Down Laptop While Gaming

If you’re a gaming player and like to spend a lot of time playing games on your laptop, keeping the machine cool is essential. Because when you’re playing games, sometimes, it overheats your laptop.

What if you’re struggling and haven’t found the correct information on how to cool down laptop while gaming? Read this whole article. Here we’ve shared the best 2022 tips for you. Whether you’re a pro-level gamer or a newbie, these tips and tricks help you.

Any gamer who has a gaming laptop knows how important it is to keep the machine cool. It doesn’t matter what system you’re using or for what purpose. It is essential to keep the laptop cool.

Let’s start learning everything you need to know to keep your laptop cool.

What are the Factors that Cause your Laptop to Overheat?

Are you wondering why my laptop is getting so hot? Here are some reasons why your laptop may overheat.

  1. If a machine overheats, it’s likely because the cooling fan is not working properly.
  2. If you don’t keep your laptop on a flat surface.
  3. The closing of laptop vents is also one of the reasons that can overheat your machine. The purpose of the vents is to expel hot air and inhale the outer air. This process will close the vents, and then your laptop’s temperature will rise rapidly.
  4. Dust on the fan can also heat your laptop. So, it’s better to clean the dust from the fan and other components.
  5. Working on the machine regularly, such as playing games without rest.
  6. You’re using an operating system that doesn’t support the specification of your laptop.
  7. Older batteries that do not perform well will also overheat your machine and slow down performance.

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10 Tips – How to Cool Down Laptop while Gaming

Here are 2022 proven tips to help you keep your laptop’s temperature low. These low-cost solutions work for both your gaming purpose and other regular work purposes. Try the following tips and keep your laptop cool.

  1. Use your laptop with a flat hard surface
  2. Keep your laptop away from sunlight or any hot environment
  3. Close all other apps that are running useless
  4. Always try not to play games while charging
  5. Clean your laptop regularly, especially the cooling fan
  6. Fix your laptop fan problems as soon as possible
  7. Use a cooling pad
  8. Play games with low graphics and frame rate
  9. Keep updating the software
  10. Change the thermal paste of your laptop

Tip # 01 – Use your Laptop with a Flat Hard Surface

Use your laptop with a flat hard surface
Use your laptop with a flat hard surface

When using a laptop, the most important thing is where and how to use it. Laptop placement is a big issue, but nobody cares. Many people use their laptops on soft surfaces, which block airflow, and then the machine heats up.

So, keeping your laptop on a flat hard surface is the most appropriate way to use it. Then, you can use the laptop desk to work comfortably without any hassle. In this way, your machine will have proper ventilation and will stay cool as a result. A laptop desk is ideal when you’re playing games or running heavy applications.

This is an easy way to prevent your laptop from overheating. So, make sure to use your laptop in the right spot at all times.

Tip # 02 – Keep your Laptop Away from Sunlight or Any Hot Environment

Maintain a cool environment for your laptop
Maintain a cool environment for your laptop

Since laptops on hard surfaces are considered the most important element of cooling, it’s also important to keep your laptop away from direct sunlight. It’s important not only for laptops but also for other electronic devices.

If the laptop is used in a place where the environment is hot, the laptop’s temperature will rise and can have a very negative effect. So, make sure to keep your laptop in a cool environment.

It’s a very important point to focus on because your body temperature will also rise if you imagine yourself standing in a hot environment. Similarly, it happens with electronic devices; their internal components begin to heat up. And slow down their performance.

So, keep your laptop away from the hot environment to keep its internal components safe.

Tip # 03 – Close all Other Apps that are Running Useless

If you run multiple programs at once, it means that you’re putting more load on your laptop. This will heat it up and reduce its speed. So, shut down any applications that are running uselessly. The best way to close these programs is with Windows Task Manager.

Keep in mind to close unnecessary programs during gameplay, as games are high-performance applications and consume a lot of power. Therefore, reduce the load from your machine and cool the temperature for a better work experience.

Tip # 04 – Always Try Not to Play Games while Charging

Running heavy applications on a laptop will quickly drain the battery. This is why many users use chargers when using their laptops.

It is not a good idea to run any application while charging as it will affect your battery and increase the temperature of your machine.

So, if you want to lower the temperature and keep the laptop cool, don’t use it while charging.

Tip # 05 – Clean your Laptop Regularly, Especially the Cooling Fan

As time goes on, some dust particles pass through the fan and block the air. If the dust is not removed in time, the laptop starts to heat up, and the performance slows down. So, if you want to protect your laptop from overheating, clean it from time to time.

The best way to clean the fan and other components is through a compressed air can. Buy this tool and clean your machine. It’s important to clean regularly, preferably after three months, because the dust particles enter the device and affect the cooling efficiency.

Tip # 06 – Fix your Laptop Fan Problems As Soon As Possible

If you think your laptop is getting very hot, the first thing to do is check the fan. The faulty fan is another reason that overheats the machine. If there is a problem with the fan, your system overheats and will not work efficiently.

Gaming laptops have more than one fan, and if any of them fails, overall performance is affected. So, fix the faulty fans and protect the laptop from overheating.

Tip # 07 – Use a Cooling Pad

The next best tip for you on how to cool down laptop while gaming is to use a cooling pad. Cooling pads expel hot air and allow the machine’s inner components to cool. Gaming laptops are powerful machines and run high-intensive applications; they need cooling pads to keep them cool.

There are several types of cooling pads. Many have more than one fan, while others have just one. They are not very expensive and work great for cooling the machine.

How can you cool down your laptop If you can’t afford it? In this case, you can use the laptop stand for airflow. Laptop stands are also the best cooling solution.

Tip # 08 – Play Games with Low Graphics and Frame Rate

Of course, playing games with high graphics and frame rate makes gameplay even more exciting. But sometimes, it puts too much pressure on the processor and raises the machine’s temperature.

Playing games with high graphics like final fantasy, league of legends, and the latest need for speed versions can increase the load that will heat your laptop. Therefore, it’s recommended that you play advanced games with low graphics.

You can cool down your gaming machine by lowering the frame rate. Reducing the graphics and frame rate will help keep your laptop cool.

Tip # 09 – Keep Updating the Software

If you’ve been through the above tips and worked with them but haven’t yet been able to lower your laptop’s temperature, don’t worry. Here’s another excellent piece of information for you. Always keep your laptop software up to date. It’s a straightforward way to increase the working efficiency of the device.

If you don’t pay attention to software updates, your laptop may overheat. Therefore, make sure that all installed software is up to date. This way you keep your gaming laptop cool.

Tip # 10 – Change the Thermal Paste of your Laptop

There are several ways to keep a laptop cool, including reapplying thermal paste. Thermal paste is a kind of paste used for processors and graphics cards. This helps protect the machine from heat. If this thermal paste is not replaced with time, it will dry out and lose its effectiveness. Therefore, changing the thermal paste is an additional tip to get rid of excess heat.

You will need to replace the thermal paste within 3 to 5 years. Changing the paste is not a complicated task. If you can easily do this without any issue, you can change it yourself. But if you don’t know how to reapply the paste, get some help from a specialist.

It is also good to check if the thermal paste is OK or if it needs to be replaced.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is overheating of gaming laptops a critical situation?

Ans: Warming up is not a series issue for gaming laptops. These are powerful machines designed to handle heavy workloads. If the temperature rises, it won’t affect the internal components, but other simple laptop components will be affected.


We have come to the end of our article on how to cool down laptop while gaming. By following the above guidelines, you’ll reduce your laptop’s temperature. These tips are very important to you because cooling the laptop’s temperature keeps it operating properly and prolongs its lifespan.

If these tips don’t work for you, consult some experts and find out the real problem behind the heat. If your laptop is old and none of the above tips helps you, it’s recommended to replace your machine.

For your gaming needs, choose the best gaming laptop under $800. These gaming laptops are extremely powerful and work smoothly.

In addition, if you still have a question, please enter it in the comment box below, and we will assist you. We hope these 2022 tips will help you lower the temperature of your gaming laptop.

Be sure to check out our website for more gaming guides. You’ll learn a lot of new tips and tricks here.



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