If you are playing a game on your PC or laptop and cannot perform well, your machine is not optimized. It is more frustrating for you if a game freezes or crashes. The main reason behind this issue is the dropping of frames per second (fps). Usually, if you are using an old machine for gaming, it may work slowly.

Here, we have shared the best tips that will help you know how to boost fps on your gaming pc. With the optimized pc, you can enjoy more exciting games like GTA, Need for Speed Series, Call of Duty, Final Fantasy Series, League of legends, etc.

10 Best Tips of How to Increase fps on PC

Check out the most critical 10 tips to boost your pc performance.

Tip # 01 – Update Graphics Card Drivers

Updating the graphics card drivers is essential and most superficial to boost your gaming performance and speed. If you have an outdated graphics driver, it may lower your machine’s fps. So, to increase the fps, you should update the graphics card drivers for better use.

You must know what graphics card you have on your pc.

On Windows Operating System (OS)

Visit the Device Manager and click the display adapter option. And then you can check what video card you should have.

On Mac Operating System (OS)

If you have Mac OS instead of Windows, click on the Apple icon, which is located in the top left corner. Then on the About This Mac option and click the More Info. So, after the Graphics option, you can check out the video card of your Mac machine.

After this, you have to update the latest version of your graphics card drivers from the official website. Hopefully, this will help you to optimize your pc for gaming.

Tip # 02 – Upgrade your SSD

Upgrading SSD is another best way to optimize your pc. SSD is the solid-state drive which is newer than hard disks. Upgrading the SSD from the hard disk will reduce the loading time of your gaming pc. If you want to play the featured and advanced games on your pc, it is recommended from our side to use 256 GB SSD.

Tip # 03 – Update the Drivers and Platforms

If still, you cannot improve your pc performance, this is another tip for you that will help you. Updating is significant for anything to work correctly. If you have not updated your pc drivers or platform, you must have to do. Check the update of your windows OS; if found, then correct it.

The next thing that you should check is your GPU. Update the drivers of your GPU to improve the performance. Updating these can boost the fps and solve the issue between the graphics card and games.

Sometimes, when you update the drivers, you may face issues. It may happen due to the incompatibility of the features. To overcome this, degrade the driver version or download the original one.

Tip # 04 – Overclock the RAM of your PC

To Achieve the faster speed of your pc, you can also overclock the RAM. The better RAM will help your machine to work faster. Overlocking the RAM means modifying the voltages and timings so that the performance of your pc increases. In games, the improvement of your RAM can boost frame rates and reduce the game freezes.

Tip # 05 – Disable the SuperFetch and PreFetch

Prefetch and SuperFetch are the features of Windows Operating Systems that can boost the startup time of any application or window. But for the games, if these features are enabled, then this may increase the loading time. To improve the game performance, you have to disable these features.

If you don’t know how to disable PreFetch and SuperFetch features, don’t worry. Below is the guide from where you can understand how to disable these features.

  • First, we will disable the SuperFetch Feature. Type services on the search bar of your Windows OS and press Enter button.
Services Best Match Result
Services Best Match Result
  • Scroll down the cursor and click the SuperFetch option. Double-click on this option and disable it.
SuperFetch Feature of Windows OS
SuperFetch Feature of Windows OS
  • Now, click the OK and close the window.

Now it’s time to disable the PreFetch

  • Open the Registry from your OS and click start orb.
  • Type regedit and press the Enter button. Visit the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession ManagerMemory ManagementPrefetchParameters.
  • Now, double-click the EnablePrefetcher and enter 0. When you enter 0, it will disable the Prefetcher feature.

Be careful: It is essential to know that if you deleted or changed the wrong values, it may create a problem in your pc.

Tip # 06 – Enable your Windows Game Mode

The enabling game mode is another best tip that will let you know how to boost fps. Microsoft has provided a game mode setting in windows 10. Enabling it will increase the performance of the processor and graphics card during the gaming session. Game mode will temporarily stop the background services and provide the average best frame rates.

  • Type gaming in the search bar and press Enter.
Gaming Best Match Result
Gaming Best Match Result
  • A new window of the game bar setting appears. And from here enable the game mode. After enabling, restart your pc.
Game Bar Settings Option
Game Bar Settings Option

Tip # 07 – Optimize your Game’s Settings

Optimizing the game’s settings is a tricky process because different games have different setting options. So, go to the in-game settings menu and check what options are available there.

Optimize the performance, turn off the anti-aliasing, and disable the settings’ heavy effects and texture quality. Furthermore, also adjust the render distance.

Hopefully, after optimizing the game’s settings, you will find a much better gaming experience on your machine.

Tip # 08 – Defragment the Disk

If you are using the mechanical hard drive, then you should have to defrag your disk. Defragmentation collects all the data that are spread over the hard drive and rearranges the hard disk space. Defragmenting the disk would speed up the performance of your gaming pc.

It is recommended to use SSD to run the games swiftly. But if you don’t have SSD, defragment the disk. Defragmentation placed all the pieces of data in one sector. Follow the steps to defrag the disk.

  • Type Defragment and Optimize Drives on the search bar and hit Enter.
Defragment and Optimize Drives
Defragment and Optimize Drives
  • Select your Windows Hard Disk and optimize it.
Disk to Optimize

Note: If there is an SSD running on your PC, you don’t need to defrag your disk.

Tip # 09 – Change the Screen Resolution

Reducing the resolution of your screen is another best tip that you have to follow. This tip can affect the frame rates of your pc. To change the screen resolution, follow the steps that are given below.

  • Go to the Settings and select the system.
PC's Settings
PC’s Settings
  • From the display resolution settings change it to lower resolution.
Display Resolution Settings
Display Resolution Settings

Tip # 10 – Use the Game Booster Application

Lastly, install the game booster application in your system to increase the fps. It is the way that is done without upgrading any hardware. Use smart game booster to boost fps. This application not only enables the fps but also controls the GPU and CPU temperature.


To conclude, it is demanding work to boost the fps of your pc. Boosting the fps helps your machine to work correctly without any issue. The performance of the machine increase as the frame rates increases. This is the list of 10 best tips that will help you to know how to boost fps.

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