If you like to play high-end games like Need for Speed, Final Fantasy, Pubg, and League of Legends, there are some system requirements that you should pay attention to. But the most important thing is to know how much ram do I need for gaming. There are many things to consider when playing a game, but RAM is a very important factor.

If someone is going to buy a new gaming PC or laptop, the first thing they will ask is about RAM. If you are one of them and don’t know which RAM is better to use, congratulations you got the best guide.

This is the best guide for 2022 where we have broken down how much Ram do I need for gaming PC. You can learn a lot of effective information here and make your gaming experience better than ever.

Complete Review on How Much Ram Do I Need for Gaming?

Gaming RAM
Gaming RAM

The amount of RAM required depends on the type of game you play. If you play games like Fortnite, counter-strike, 4 GB to 8 GB RAM is enough. Most games that are not so heavy can be run on 8 GB of RAM. But 16 GB RAM is perfect if you play highly intensive games.

According to research, many consumers who buy gaming PCs are spending so much money on their systems. They don’t know which component of the PC is best for use. That’s why below we’ve listed some popular RAM sizes that help you determine which size is best suited to your needs. It will also help you to make your PC under budget.

Let’s have a look at the different types of RAM that you can purchase.


At present 4GB RAM is not enough for your gaming PC. Yes, if you want to use your PC for general use only, it is good to adapt it. But for gaming, we don’t recommend you to use 4GB RAM.


Having 8GB of RAM in your gaming PC works well but for limited games. You can only play low-level games. 8GB RAM is considered the minimum requirement for any gaming PC.

If aren’t a professional gamer, you can go with an 8GB size, this is not a problem. Any software or game with less than 8GB will slow down the performance of your system. That’s why experts recommended having at least 16GB of RAM.


Currently, 16 GB RAM is ideal for playing the most demanding games. With 16 GB, you can easily do high-intensive work. In addition to this, if you have an NVIDIA or AMD graphics card, your PC will provide the best performance.

This amount of memory allows you to perform multiple tasks simultaneously without slowing down the speed.


32 GB RAM is now in high demand among gamers who wants to make their PCs reliable for a long time. Why do gamers prefer 32 GB? Because of the performance speed, high graphics, and no stumble.

Some users, such as photo or video editors, software engineers, etc., even consider 32 GB RAM to run their heavy development software. It will help them end their activities responsibly, smoothly, and quickly.

What Do We Recommend?

We recommend a gaming PC with 16 GB of memory. Because 16 GB of memory will allow you to play any type of game from low to high-end. It will also increase speed and performance, which will help in completing the work in less time.

With the advancement in technology and the release of new software and games, you’ve noticed the demand for computer components is also increasing. In particular, good RAM is required to run games and software smoothly.

For smooth gaming, it is also essential to maintain the frames per second rates so that your computer can perform better. So, to improve the FPS rates, click here and learn how to increase your gaming FPS rates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Among the Computers, Which One has the Most RAM?

Ans:  The HP Z8 has the highest RAM on which you can install 3 Terabytes of memory. There is a total of 24 RAM slots available. And you can do any of your work at full speed without any hassle.

How do I Increase RAM on My Computer?

Ans: A computer’s RAM is something that allows it to handle a variety of tasks. This is a very important piece of hardware that determines how well a computer can perform. The higher RAM capacity means it can handle more work at once.

Before purchasing another RAM, follow the tips outlined below. It’s a very straightforward way to upgrade the memory of your laptop.

Tip # 01 – Restart or shut down your computer to clear everything stored in RAM.

Tip # 02 – Clean all your apps running in the background. In Windows, you can clean up these apps by going to your settings.

Tip # 03 – Disable all unnecessary programs that start as soon as your computer boots. By doing this, you can easily increase your RAM capacity.

Tip # 04 – If you have any application on your Desktop, clean it. Because all the files are also loaded when you start your computer. Therefore, it’s best to move them to any folder.

Tip # 05 – Another way to free up RAM is to uninstall programs you don’t need.

Tip # 06 – Scan your computer using anti-virus software. If you have a virus in your computer, it will slow down the speed.

Tip # 07 – There are many effective RAM cleaner software on the internet, such as Avira, Advanced System Optimizer, and more. This software will automatically delete unnecessary data and optimize your RAM and hard disk.


To conclude this guide, we have learned that 4 GB RAM is not enough to play good games. You can only do small tasks at a slow speed. 8 GB RAM looks suitable for your gaming PC but cannot speed up the performance. But if you have invested in 16 GB capacity, you can do whatever you want without any problem. That’s why we suggest gamers use 16 GB RAM for gaming.

Lastly, 32 GB is for those who want to make their PC more reliable and robust for the future. The great thing about having 32 GB RAM is that it can make your system strong enough to run any application.

Taking this article as a whole, we believe RAM is not the only factor to consider when gaming. We should also consider other components to improve the performance of the PC. These include SSD, CPU, graphics card, motherboard, etc.

If you’re not sure what other hardware components are required to build a gaming PC, click here. You can learn everything about making the best PC for gaming.

If you are interested in gaming reviews, buying guides, and some tips and tricks, you shouldn’t miss visiting our website.


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