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Overview of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Game

Overview of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Game

In 2003, FF Tactics Advance was released as a single and multiplayer game. For users of the Nintendo Game Boy Advance, it was developed and released by Square Enix.

Initially, it was released for Japanese users, and then soon after, it was also released for North America and the PAL Regions. This game was directed by Yuri Murasawa and produced by Yasumi Matsuno.

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The game is set in the city of a modern world named St. Ivalice. In the beginning, the player is explained how to play and how to move.

Throughout the play, there are four main characters, Marche, Ritz, Doned, and Mewt.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is the first Final Fantasy Series game to be developed for the Game Boy Advance. In 2016, it was released again for the Wii U video game console.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Gameplay

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Gameplay

To begin, you must assemble a team of characters that are fully capable of performing their functions. Then, fight a quick battle and attack your enemies using your prepared strategies. Your enemies consist of different kinds of bosses and monsters.

In this quick battle, you’ll learn about the final fantasy tactics advance map, strategies, strengths, and what equipment is best for each character.

Nearly 300 missions are available in FF Tactics Advance Gameplay. You can choose between four different play styles, such as encounter, dispatch, regular, and area. All of these styles add tremendous value to your missions. And depending on which type you choose, your missions will have different features.

The Marche Soldiers travel from one place to another to battle in regular missions. In the encounter missions, Marche’s soldiers encounter a rival mercenary clan either by buying the mission or by having a face-to-face meeting.

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During dispatch missions, the team sends only one member to complete the mission. There is no fighting involved in this playing style. Area missions are similar to dispatch missions in that Marche’s team is trying to acquire different bonuses from the shops.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Story
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Story

In addition to all of these features, FF Tactics Advance offers a great selection of other features like Law and the Job System.

Law System

There are different judges in the Law System who set the specific rules for the battle. In case a character violates the law during the battle, the judge will issue a red card. Various laws can be applied, such as not using specific weapons, items, spells, etc.

So, this makes the gameplay more dynamic. It is also a fun way to play and most games prefer to play by these rules.

Job System

As part of the game, the characters experience missions that are specific to their job roles. As the character’s job depends on you, you have to pick it based on what suits him best. As the character completes each mission successfully, he can earn Ability Points. And these points will enable it to become an expert in its purpose.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Gameplay Modes

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Gameplay Modes
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Gameplay Modes

A player can switch between three different screen modes when playing FF Tactics Advance. See below for more information.

  1. Game Boy Advance SP Mode (GBA SP)
  2. Game Boy Advance Hardware Mode
  3. And TV Mode

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Characters

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Characters
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Characters

Additionally, if you were looking for a list of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Characters too, you can find it here.

Sr. No.NameDescription
01Marche RadiujuHe is a young hero and the main character of the whole gameplay story.
02MontblancDuring the transformation of St. Ivalice, the Marche Radiuju was saved by this young character.
03Ezel BerbierHe is a strange and unconventional guy, who invented the Anti-law cards.
04MewtMewt is critical to the mission’s success.
05SharaShara is another significant figure in the game. Ritz Malheur is her close friend.
06Cid RandellMewt is his son and he is isa judge master head.
07Babus SwainIt is he who serves and cares for Mewt.
08AdramelechAdramelech comes in the St. Ivalice.
09BiggsA very important character in the FFTA game, as well as in the Final Fantasy series.
10DonedHe is the brother of Marche Radiuju.
11IfritAs Jinn, he is the protagonist of many Final Fantasy Series games.
12CarbuncleIn many of the FF Series games, provides first aid to the team members.
13NonoHe is the brother of Montblanc.
14Judgemaster Cid RandellHe is the father of Mewt.
15Ritz MalheurHer pink hair and friendly nature make her a great friend and teammate of Mewt and Marche.
16OdinOdin is a magical character, who has learned many different skills.
17TiamatTiamat is a multi-headed dragon in the series.
18Queen RemediQueen Remedi is the opponent of FFTA.

What is the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance System Requirements to Play?

What is the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance System

Do you doubt whether we will be able to play the game on our PC? You’ll be pleased to know that yes, we can. Now let’s check out some of the suggested system requirements.

Operating SystemWindows 7, 8, or 10
Central Processing UnitDual Core
Hard Disk Drive13 GB
Random Access Memory2 GB
Graphics Card2GB VRAM Nvidia GeForce GTX 750

How to Download and Install Final Fantasy Tactics Advance PC Game?

How to Download and Install Final Fantasy Tactics Advance PC Game
How to Download and Install Final Fantasy Tactics Advance PC Game

For downloading and installing the game, simply follow the steps below. So be sure to go through all the steps.

Step # 01 – To begin, you need to download the FFTA game setup by clicking here.

Step # 02 – Now download the MSI installer of the final fantasy tactics advance game. Click on the file and open it.

Step # 03 – You must read and follow all the directions in order to download the game. The process will take a bit of time. After that, the installation will be successful.

Step # 04 – Open the game and start playing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is the best place to play Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Online?

Ans: The easiest way to play this game online on a GBA console is to visit an emulator online website. Your browser will be able to play the game directly.

Q.2 Does this game support the Nintendo Switch?

Ans: As of yet, the Nintendo Switch version of FFTA is not available. There is no indication it will be released in the near future.

Q.3 Do you think this RPG game is worth it?

Ans: When it comes to the game’s worthiness, it is a good and solid game. You are kept occupied with the gameplay. It has 300 missions, a large cast of characters, and more. So, this makes FFTA a worthwhile game.


To summarize, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Game was the first game of the series to be produced for the Game Boy Advance. It is one of the most enjoyable games in the series. Having the best weapons, defeating the enemies, completing the missions, and leveling up the clan will make your journey more enjoyable.

You’ll never get bored in FF Tactics Advance. In addition to this, the game also features catchy music that keeps you calm during your whole gameplay.

This article will be a great help to you if you’re interested in this game. I hope it will provide you with more insight into this game.

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