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A Look at Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Tier List

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Tier List

Are you trying to find a ranking list of the best units for a quick review? Look into this article. Here we’ve shared the best Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Tier List. It is essential to know the strength of character before playing the game because it will help you choose the iconic character for the gameplay.

This FFBE Tier list is based on the user experience under Square Enix and Alim developer collaboration.

What is the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Game?

What is the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Game
What is the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Game

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a single-player game also known as FFBE. It was developed by Alim and published by Square Enix Company. It was launched on October 22, 2015, for Japanese users. And then, on June 30, 2016, it was launched globally.

FFBE is another version of the Final Fantasy series that is played on Android and iOS devices. According to research, in August 2019, it was downloaded more than 40 million times globally.

So, let’s get this article on the road.

2022 Best Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Tier List

Best Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Tier List

It is challenging to recognize the power of character in choosing gameplay. For the best gameplay, it is essential to select the best possible character. And that’s only possible when you know your character.

If you are having difficulty choosing the exemplary character, explore the FFBE tier list below. It will help you achieve your game goals.


S-Tier FFBE Tier Units
S-Tier FFBE Tier Units

S-Tier characters are compelling, skillful, fast, and have more defensive power. They are challenging to manage because of their high-level stats. If you want to progress more in your gaming adventure, choose the best of these characters.

If you are new to the FF Brave Exvius game, start your journey from primary and then gently learn further.

Character NameStrengthChain FamilyRating
Paladin CecilSupportive, DebuffStardust Ray27
RenaMagical Attack, Healing26.5
Sacred Shield CharlotteSupportive, Physical AttackDisorder Absolute Zero Aureole Ray26.5
Nichol of the Epsilon StarDebuff, SupportiveAureole Ray Flood26.5
Alphonse ElricPhysical TankStardust Ray26
Lightning FF XIII-2Supportive, Magical TankAbsolute Mirror of Equity26
Hallowed Aegis CharlotteMagical and Physical AttackAbsolute Mirror of Equity26
Seeker of Freedom VaanPhysical Attack, DebuffAureole Ray26
Warrior of Dawn GalufSupportive, Physical AttackAbsolute Mirror of Equity26
LucasHealing, Magical TankDivine Ruination Absolute Zero25.5
Awakened Warrior of LightSupportive, Physical TankDivine Ruination Stardust Ray25.5
White Knight NoelPhysical Tank, Magical AttackTornado Freeze Absolute Zero Chaos Wave Awakened25.5
Healing Avatar LidDebuffAbsolute Mirror of Equity25.5
Warrior of Light LennaSupportive, Healing25.5
Rikku FF X-2Supportive, DebuffAbsolute Mirror of Equity
Angel of Death KujaMagical AttackChaos Wave Awakened Mystic Cross


A-Tier FFBE Units
A-Tier FFBE Units

A-tier units are also great to choose from as they are also strong and reliable in their capabilities. They have good learning ability on how to manage the gameplay. They are very similar to S-tier units, but A-tier units are not as good as the S-tier.

Character NameStrengthChain FamilyRating
SylvieDebuff, SupportiveBolting Strike Absolute Mirror of Equity26.5
Daughter of Destiny VanilleMagical Attack, DebuffChaos Wave Awakened Quake25.5
IgnisSupportive, Healing25.5
KrylaDebuffAbsolute Zero Bolting Strike Chaos Wave25.5
A.I. KattyVersatile strengthStardust Ray Chaos Wave Bolting Strike Tornado Quake Flood Freeze25
Summer Fina and LidHealing, DebuffAureole Ray25
Doctor AidenPhysical Tank, Healing25
Emperor FooDebuff, SupportiveChaos Wave Awakened Avalanche Kick25
Sakura and AyakaMagical Attack, HealingBolting Strike25
MyraSupportive, HealingBolting Strike25
ElephimSupportive, Debuff25
QinSupportive, Magical AttackChaos Wave Absolute Mirror of Equity Divine Ruination Aureole Ray25
FolkaSupportive, HealingBolting Strike25
RegisSupportive, Physical AttackAureole Ray Stardust Ray25
SieghardDebuff, Physical TankAureole Ray Absolute Mirror of Equity Piledriver Stardust Ray25
Sweet LukaDebuff, SupportiveAbsolute Mirror of Equity Divine Ruination Chaos Wave24.5  
ChowHealing, Magical Tank24.5
2BDebuff, Physical AttackAbsolute Mirror of Equity Stardust Ray Graviton Cannon24.5
AerithSupportive, Healing24.5
Sieghard and IgnacioPhysical Tank and Attack24.5
Maritime Strategist NicholMagical Attack, SupportiveFlood24.5
OlbericPhysical Tank and AttackAureole Ray24.5
SylvandoPhysical Attack, SupportiveBolting Strike24.5
Adventure LockeDebuff, Physical AttackStardust Ray24
Benevolent Beauty RemDebuff, Magical AttackChaos Wave Awakened Bolting Strike Tornado Freeze
Wildcard AceDebuff, Magical AttackBolting Strike Chaos Wave Awakened —
Umbral Dragon Dark FinaMagical AttackBolting Strike Chaos Wave Chaos Wave Awakened —
Garland FF IXDebuff, Magical AttackChaos Wave Awakened —
Flame of Rebirth JakePhysical Attack —
NoelPhysical AttackAbsolute Mirror of Equity —
Rico RodriguezPhysical AttackOctaslash Bolting Strike Avalanche Kick —
Sterne LeonisDebuff, Physical AttackAbsolute Mirror of Equity —
War Hero RaegenDebuff, Physical AttackAbsolute Mirror of Equity —


B-Tier FFBE Units
B-Tier FFBE Units

B-tier units are Okay for the fight, and you can still go with them. But they may lack some good qualities.

Character NameStrengthChain FamilyRating
King BradleyDebuff, Physical AttackStardust Ray Ruination27.5
ElenaMagical and Physical AttackBolting Aureole Ray Stardust Ray Disorder27
SerahMagical AttackChaos Wave Awakened26
SerenaSupportive, Healing25.5
Untamed Wolf EdelPhysical AttackAureole Ray Stardust Ray25.5
Gilgamesh WOTVMagical and Physical AttackChaos Wave Awakened Absolute Mirror of Equity25
Blue Mage FinaSupportive, HealingAbsolute Mirror of Equity24.5
Neverending HopeDebuff, SupportiveQuake Absolute Mirror of Equity24.5
Infernal Fire RainPhysical AttackStardust Ray24.5
AuronDebuff, Physical AttackAbsolute Mirror of Equity24
Awakened RainSupportive, Magical Attack24
LilithMagical and Physical AttackDivine Ruination Kingsglaive Aureole Ray Bolting Strike24
MachinaDebuff, Physical AttackAbsolute Mirror of Equity24
Mont LeonisPhysical AttackStardust Ray24
Mercenary RamzaDebuff, Physical Attack24
KimahriDebuff, Physical Attack23.6
BerylMagical tank and AttackOctaslash Bolting Strike Disorder Chaos Wave23.5
BaschMagical and Physical Attack23.5
BeowulfMagical and Physical AttackAbsolute Mirror of Equity Octaslash Tornado23.5
Demon RainSupportive, Physical Attack23.5
LorenDebuff, Physical AttackBlade Prison Onion Slice Aureole Ray23.5
RiveraHealing, SupportiveAbsolute Zero Bolting Strike Disorder23.5
QuistisMagical AttackChaos Wave Awakened23.5
Seaside NicholSupportive, Magical AttackFlood Freeze Absolute Mirror of Equity23.5
White Mage RosaHealing, Physical AttackGraviton Cannon23.5
YunaSupportive, Healing23.5
WilhelmSupportive, Physical Tank23.5
Lezard ValethDebuff, Physical AttackChaos Wave Awakened
Kimono FinaDebuff, Physical AttackChaos Wave Aureole Ray
Four Winds PhysalisMagical AttackChaos Wave Awakened Absolute Mirror of Equity
Edward ElricDebuff, Physical AttackStardust Ray
SeiferPhysical AttackAbsolute Mirror of Equity Chaos Wave Awakened Bolting Strike
Lone Lion SquallPhysical AttackStardust Ray Bolting Ray
Mystical Ice LaswellDebuff, Physical AttackAureole Ray Absolute Mirror of Equity
SelphieDebuff, Magical AttackChaos Wave Awakened Mystic Cross
Adam JensenSupportive, Physical AttackStardust Ray Aureole Ray Tornado
SolDebuff, Magical AttackChaos Wave Absolute Zero
Xuan Wu and Qing LongPhysical Tank and AttackBolting Strike Avalanche Kick
Tifa FFVII: A.C.Physical AttackStardust Ray
Srange Gourmand QuinaSupportive, Physical AttackAbsolute Mirror of Equity Chaos Wave
Dark Spirit SolDebuff, Physical AttackChaos Wave Absolute Zero
LilisetteSupportive, Physical AttackAbsolute Mirror of Equity
Madam EdelPhysical AttackStardust Ray Aureole Ray
MystinaSupportive, Magical AttackChaos Wave Awakened
Rakish Thief ZidanePhysical AttackAureole Ray Stardust Ray
Supreme Deva AkstarPhysical AttackAbsolute Mirror of Equity Aureole Ray
Zeno of the Beta StarDebuff, Physical AttackAbsolute Mirror of Equity Divine Ruination Aureole Ray Bolting Strike


C-Tier FFBE Units
C-Tier FFBE Units

Here is another Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Tier List. C-Tier units are budget characters that are very easy to handle. You can play your game much better with the help of these units. And when it is possible to select a strong unit, leave the C-tier unit and select the best one.

Character NameStrengthChain FamilyRating
BeatrixMagical and Physical AttackAbsolute Mirror of Equity28.5
TifaPhysical AttackDivine Ruination26
Graceful Champion FangPhysical AttackAbsolute Mirror of Equity25.5
Assassin ShadowDebuff, Physical AttackStardust Ray23.5
King Edgar of FigaroDebuff, Physical AttackStardust Ray Aureole Ray Fatal Barrage23.5
AyakaSupportive, Healing23
PrimroseSupportiveChaos Wave23
BartSupportive, Physical AttackKingsglaive Tornado Flood Absolute Mirror of Equity22  
Awakened Onion KnightDebuff, Physical AttackOnion Slice Stardust Ray Aureole Ray
CrimsonSupportive, Physical AttackAbsolute Mirror of Equity Divine Ruination
EllyMagical AttackChaos Wave Awakened Chaos Wave
Cloud FFVII: ACDebuff, Physical AttackStardust Ray Octaslash
ErikDebuff, Physical AttackBolting Strike
Blue Sky Belle FranPhysical AttackAbsolute Mirror of Equity Bolting Strike Aureole Ray
Dragon Knight FreyaHealing, Physical AttackDivine Ruination Absolute Mirror of Equity Stardust Ray Aureole Ray
IrvinePhysical AttackBolting Strike
MorganaMagical AttackAbsolute Zero Chaos Wave Disorder Bolting Strike
KadajDebuff, Physical AttackAbsolute Mirror of Equity
NagiMagical and Physical AttackDivine Ruination Graviton Cannon Aureole Ray Bolting Strike Absolute Zero
Knight of Pluto ZidanePhysical AttackStardust Ray Bolting Ray
LevinsonMagical and Physical AttackDivine Ruination Chaos Wave Awakened Aureole Ray Bolting Strike
RebertaPhysical AttackDivine Ruination Bolting Strike Aureole Ray
Agent OliveDebuff, Physical AttackStardust Ray Bolting Strike
Star Player TidusSupportive, Physical AttackQuick Hit Stardust Ray
Wizardess ShantottoMagical AttackChaos Wave Awakened
YunalescaSupportive, Magical AttackChaos Wave Chaos Wave Awakened
ArdynDebuff, Physical AttackStardust Ray Tornado
White Lily Dark FinaDebuff, Magical AttackChaos Wave Chaos Wave Awakened Graviton Cannon
Aurora FryeviaMagical and Physical AttackAbsolute Mirror of Equity Onion Slice Aureole Ray Divine Ruination Disorder
Black Mage ViviMagical AttackChaos Wave Awakened


D-Tier FFBE Units
D-Tier FFBE Units

Here are some other role-playing characters that are very effective. D-Tier units are the below-average units that are not much better for advanced gameplay. Depending on the situation, you may need to replace them with better characters.

Character NameStrengthChain FamilyRating
Warrior of Light BartzDebuff, Physical AttackAbsolute Mirror of Equity Graviton Cannon27
Radiant LightningDebuff, Physical AttackBolting Strike Aureole Ray Absolute Mirror of Equity26  
GladiolusPhysical Attack and Tank25.5
PromptoDebuff, Physical AttackDisorder Octaslash Running Fine +25
Fina and Dark FinaHealing, Magical AttackGraviton Cannon Stardust Ray24.5
GladiolusMagical Tank, Physical Attack24.5
Lovely KatyHealingChaos Wave22.5
EikoSupportive, Healing22.5
FlammieSupportive, Physical AttackAureole Ray22.5
RemHealing, Physical AttackTornado Quake22.5
EstherPhysical Tank and AttackBolting Strike Divine Ruination Absolute Mirror of Equity Aureole Ray
KurasameMagical and Physical AttackQuick Hit Absolute Mirror of Equity Disorder Aureole Ray
JechtPhysical AttackDivine Ruination Quick Hit
Hess King LasswellSupportive, Physical AttackAbsolute Mirror of Equity Aureole Ray Divine Ruination
Jasper UnboundPhysical AttackStardust Ray
Operative ZyrusDebuff, Magical AttackAbsolute Zero Bolting Strike Chaos Wave Awakened
PhysalisPhysical AttackAbsolute Mirror of Equity Stardust Ray
Palom and PoronMagical AttackChaos Wave Awakened Tornado Quake
Sweet NicholDebuff, Magical AttackChaos Wave Awakened Freeze Flood
RabHealing, Magical AttackBolting Strike Stardust Ray
Yuna FF X-2Physical AttackAbsolute Mirror of Equity
YunPhysical AttackOctaslash Absolute Mirror of Equity Kingsglaive Bolting Strike
YegoDebuff, Physical AttackAbsolute Mirror of Equity

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is the Benefit of Final Fantasy Brave Tier List?

Ans: At FFBE, there are many different best units available. It is tricky to choose the best of them all. Therefore, this ranking list was created for you to review the best-rated units. Here, the units are listed according to how powerful and valuable they are.

Q.2 Which Character is Strongest Among All in FFBE?

Ans: According to our gaming experts, the Paladin Cecil is the most robust unit. He is capable of damaging the enemies at any time. When it was grouped with other excellent teams, it would become a more powerful character and could act as a non-stop machine.

Q.3 Can you Play FFBE on PC?

Ans: Yes, you can play the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius game on your PC. How? To play this RPG game on your PC or Mac devices, you should need a BlueStacks Emulator. This will help you to run FFBE on your PC and Mac.


If you want to be the best in FFBE, you need to spend many hours in the gameplay. You can quickly learn about the character’s role and chain family. If you need to learn more about the game in a short time, this Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Tier List is for you.

In short, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is another excellent action game. So, this game must be played.

If you found this article helpful, check out our website. You can find more exciting information about gaming.



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