Here is a complete guide to telling you what precisely Final Fantasy 1 game is, such as gameplay, pros, and cons, gameplay modes, what is the Final Fantasy 1 Requirements to play? And many more.

If you are worried about this action game because you don’t know what to do and how to do it, don’t worry. We have shared a detailed guide which is helpful for you.

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Overview of Final Fantasy 1

Overview of Final Fantasy 1
Overview of Final Fantasy 1

Final Fantasy 1 is an imagination video game that was released in 1987 by Square. Hironobu Sakaguchi is the man who made this series. It is a single-player game. First, FF1 was built for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), and then over time, it was rebuilt for many other video gaming consoles.

At the moment, this game has made gamers crazy. Its copies have been sold well and have become a top-rated video game. It was a great victory, and there were a lot of positive reviews from the people. The story is brilliant, which is not in any other game.

There is a group of four fighters in the game to protect the world. To save the world, you have to conquer the four things: fire, water, earth, and air. It is the primary mission that you have to do in the game, but there are other missions.

Final Fantasy I is a great winning game for the consoles. It has a lot of bugs and problems, but it was still was a big success in the 19th century. There are four characters known as Warriors of Light.

The game asks the player to choose the characters, their classes, and their names. In the final fantasy 1 map, characters can cover the towns and dungeons maps and fight competitors.

Depending on the class, the Warriors of Light are allowed to use magic or attack enemies.

The King of Cornelia gives tasks to the characters to save Princess Sarah from Garland. To protect the princess, the characters have to defeat the enemies. If the characters, the Warriors of Light, save Princess Sarah, the king will open the bridge and allow them to go to the Pravoka town.

With this, the warriors of light made their way to defeat the enemies and save the world.

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Final Fantasy 1 Gameplay

Final Fantasy 1 Gameplay

At the beginning of the FF 1 game, the player has to choose the names and classes of each of the Warriors of Light. Player characters are fascinating members of every game. Therefore, to win the war, it is necessary to choose a character with good abilities.

Final Fantasy 1 Playable Characters

Final Fantasy 1 Characters
Final Fantasy 1 Characters

There are six final Fantasy 1 characters:

  1. White Mage: The White Mage character uses white magic because of the mastery of magic. It supports the team by attacking the enemies with the help of hammers but this character is not a good fighter. It features a white wizard with which this character can use the powerful magic spells.
  2. Black Mage: This character is expert in the black magic. This character is tangibly weak. Just as there is a white wizard in the white mage character, so the black mage is also upgraded to a black wizard.
  3. Red Mage: This is a Red wizard character, not much powerful than the white and black mage.
  4. Warrior: Warrior fighter is a powerful character who uses heavy final fantasy weapons and white magic to defeat enemies.
  5. Thief: This character has a limited amount of armor and weapons but is good at fighting. The thief was then upgraded to a new class called Ninja. And after the upgradation, the thief can use almost every tool and even black magic spells.
  6. Monk: Monk is a black belt character who fights enemies superiorly. If the player chooses a monk, he will not have to buy more weapons.

The Final Fantasy gameplay is the same as many other RPGs. The player rambles here and there according to the map and finds the target.

Winning battles will help players improve their experience levels and lead to earning the Player’s Gil. Gils are used to purchase many attractive and stunning items such as magic spells, weapons, and armor.

Every Final Fantasy release comes with different gameplay.

  • Players are able to make the party of heroes.
  • FF 1 game has excellent graphics.
  • Magic is an upgraded system.
  • There are four new prisons available in the game, also called dungeons.
  • The repeated war system is not a good feature.
  • The party members are uninspired.
  • The pace of the game is slow.

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Final Fantasy 1 Gameplay Modes

Final Fantasy Gameplay Modes
Final Fantasy Gameplay Modes

In this release of Final Fantasy, four gaming modes are as follows:

  • An Overworld Map
  • A Battle Screen
  • Town and Dungeon Maps
  • And a Menu Screen

What is the Final Fantasy 1 Requirements to Play?

Final Fantasy 1 System Requirements
Final Fantasy 1 System Requirements

You have a question in your mind can I run this game on my pc? If yes, check the Final Fantasy 1 Requirements to play. Here are the minimum and maximum requirements that your system must-have.

ProcessorIntel Core i3 – 2105 or aboveIntel Core i3 – 3225 or above
Operating System (OS)Windows 7 64-bitWindows 8, 8.1, or 10 64-bit
Graphics1 GB NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 / AMD Radeon R7 Graphics or higher2 GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 / AMD Radeon R7 Graphics or higher
Storage1 GB1 GB
Memory (RAM)4 GB8 GB
DirectXVersion 10Version 11

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How to Download and Play Final Fantasy 1 Free on iOS?

Final Fantasy is one of the best of all the year. Final Fantasy 1 is now available to run on iOS devices. This is good news for you if you are an iOS user and want to play this game.

The gameplay and graphics are much better than the original NES release. Let’s talk about how to download and play final fantasy 1 free on iOS?

Step # 01 – Go to the App Store and download the FF Portal app by clicking here.

Final Fantasy Portal App
Final Fantasy Portal App

Step # 02 – After downloading, install it on your iOS device and launch the app.

Step # 03 – Click on the limited-time free download option and click on the start game button.

Final Fantasy Limited-Time Free Download
Final Fantasy Limited-Time Free Download

Step # 04 – After clicking on the start game button, you will see the confirmation popup. Click Purchase, your game download starts and will start shortly.

Start and Purchase the Game

Let’s play and enjoy the game.

Play the Game


Final Fantasy’s release date is December 18, 1987, which is a casual video game. This epic game is played on both your PC and Mac systems. It’s a complete blast in the gaming world with a thrilling story. You have to increase the level of your characters so that you can win battles. Use various weapons, armor, and lots of other items to make your experience as attractive as possible.

With confidence, we’re happy if you found this easy-to-follow guide very helpful. And don’t forget to leave us a comment.

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